Our culinary specials for you

Experience special culinary moments with our specials at the Kulturhotel Fürst Pückler Park. Pure indulgence for gourmets.

Our arrangements for you

A walk through Prince Pückler Park or your bike tour will be a perfect experience with our freshly prepared picnic. The picnic for 1 person includes:


  • 1 Machbuba wrap (pineapple, rocket, tomato, chicken breast, curry mayonnaise) - vegetarian option also possible, please note in the message
  • 1 sandwich (ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber) - vegetarian option also possible, please note in the message
  • 1 mini quiche
  • 1 avocado salad
  • 1 pineapple and orange cake
  • 1 x berries


  • 1 non-alcoholic drink of your choice (0.5 litre water, 0.2 litre apple juice or 0.2 litre orange juice AND
  • 1 alcoholic drink of your choice (0.2 litre white, rosé or red wine or 0.5 litre beer)
    Please indicate in the contact form which alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks you would like to order.

    Additional drinks can be ordered and will be charged separately. Please also note this in the message.

Price per person: 26,00 Euro

Pick-up: at the Kulturhotel daily from 9 to 10.30 am

Order deadline: Please order the picnic at least 24 hours before collection. 


An afternoon tea time in our hotel lobby. Enjoy sweet and savoury British snacks with a good cup of tea and a glass of champagne.

Price: €28.00 per person.

What would a visit to Bad Muskau be without a Prince Pückler ice cream? Only with us can you find out how the famous ice cream tastes according to the Prince's original recipe. Every Saturday afternoon at 4 pm, our guests can take part in a tasting of the famous treat. The ice cream tasting is particularly suitable for smaller groups.

Price: €14.50 per person incl. coffee, cocoa or tea

Pückler loved good food and ate far more than the famous ice cream. Savour truly princely delicacies from Lusatia - inspired by the prince's historical table books.

Price: €59.00 per person.

Enquiry form

Would you like to enquire about a princely culinary arrangement? Then you can use the following form to request an appointment:

Schloßstraße 8, 02953 Bad Muskau

Tel.: 035771 - 5330 

Email: info@kulturhotel-fuerst-pueckler-park.de

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