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Find out more about the exciting events taking place at our hotel. Whether it's captivating readings, sweet ice cream tastings or relaxed park tours - here you will find information on all upcoming activities at our hotel. Enjoy special moments and create memories during your stay.

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Experience cultural highlights at the foundation's events. Immerse yourself in a world full of art, history and interesting lectures.

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Discover the lively cultural scene in Bad Muskau. Our page on events in the region informs you about upcoming events, from concerts and theater performances to culinary experiences and natural beauty. Don't miss out on the many opportunities Bad Muskau has to offer.

15 - 16.06.2024: 31st shooting festival of the Muskauer Schützengilde 1511 e.V.
Bad Muskau, Schützenhaus, Weinbergweg 11

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