Culinary delights in the cultural hotel Fürst Pückler Park

In the cultural hotel you can explore a variety of worlds of pleasure. Enjoy our culinary offerings in the spirit of Pückler: as you please.

In the "Green Prince" restaurant you can dine à la carte. Our passion for regional ingredients and creative, international cuisine is reflected in every dish. Our highlight is the seasonally changing Pückler menus - inspired by the original records of the prince's historical table books. In the "Green Prince" you will not only experience a meal, but a journey through taste and history.

In our lobby with the characteristic pineapple wall you can enjoy your tea time, cocktails or a pineapple liqueur made from the fruits that, like in Pückler's time, are now grown again in the palace gardens next door.

Welcome to our summer terrace on the market square! Enjoy the beautifully planted small-town space and relax under the shade of the trees or in the warm sun. Here you can taste our delicious homemade Pückler ice cream and enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Our spacious wellness area is the ideal retreat for oriental relaxation. There, too, we will be happy to serve you a small selection of themed drinks and snacks in an oriental ambience.

Schloßstraße 8, 02953 Bad Muskau

Tel.: 035771 - 5330 


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