Prince Pückler Park


The cultural hotel is located directly at the entrance to the Prince Pückler Park in Bad Muskau, the first major work by Pückler, the garden artist.

The park's attractions - the Old and New Palace, the palace tower, the orangery, the palace gardens and kitchen garden, the bridges to the Polish part of the park - are easily accessible on foot. The second Prince Pückler Park in Lusatia, Branitzer Park, is about 40 kilometers away.

This is what you will experience with us

  • Visit to the Prince Pückler Parks: UNESCO World Heritage Site Muskau Park and Branitz Park
  • Park tours on Saturday: can be booked with the room booking
  • Visit to the exhibition in the New Palace in Bad Muskau “Pückler! Pückler? Simply unbelievable!”
  • Delicious food from the kitchen garden, where pineapples are growing again like in Pückler’s time
  • Climb the palace tower
  • Carriage rides through the park with the N & N horse-riding and driving tourism company
Schloßstraße 8, 02953 Bad Muskau

Tel.: 035771 - 5330 


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