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In our wellness treatments, we whisk you away to a distant, legendary world. Experience oriental bathing ceremonies such as the Rhasul, the soap foam massage, a massage with the 7 sacred oils of the pharaohs and savour oriental aromas of pomegranate, Moroccan mint and Persian rose.

The magic of the Orient

His numerous journeys took Pückler as far afield as the Orient. There he was captivated by an exotic girl

from Abyssinia captivated him with her oriental charm: Machbuba, ‘the golden one’. We were inspired by Pückler's mysterious mistress and reveal the magic of the Orient to you with our wellness packages!

Wellness and beauty from 1001 nights

Let yourself be inspired by the flavours of the Orient and oriental bathing ceremonies.

Our wellness and beauty pampering packages will whisk you away to a distant, legendary world.


It doesn't take much time to recharge your batteries. Our pamper package ‘The Flying Carpet’ lets you relax in a short space of time, perfect for anyone who wants to quickly forget the pressure of deadlines, the rush and overload of a busy day.

The pampering package includes

  • a head and face massage
  • a back massage with an oriental aromatic oil of your choice

Price per person: 95.00 euros

Time: 60 min.

Even the ancient Egyptians knew that honey was good for the body. Today it is a natural detox method. It not only relaxes muscles and joints, but also the mind and opens the senses to new impressions. Surrender yourself completely to the soothing moist heat and bring your body and soul into balance. The pampering package includes a hot roll and honey massage.

Time: 45 min.

Price: € 75.00 per person.

An exclusive pampering programme for two in oriental flair: enjoy moments of tranquillity and dream away with your partner to the distant Orient. The ‘1001 Nights’ pampering package includes

  • a foot washing 
  • a rhassoul together 
  • an oriental tea break
  • a full body massage with an oriental fragrance

Oriental flavours 

Choose your own oil from our arrangements! 

  • Pomegranate: fruity, sweet, exotic 
  •  Moroccan mint: spicy, aromatic, fresh 
  • Persian rose: harmonious, intense, noble

Time: 135 min.

Price: €328.00 for 2 people.

Traditional oriental relaxation

Wellness means improving the quality of life and increasing joie de vivre. This has always been the secret of traditional oriental care!

Even the strongest sultan sometimes felt tired and drained. Then he would treat himself to an extensive pampering programme like this one to recharge his batteries: a combination of body cleansing, steam bath, sensual fragrances and a soothing massage. 

The ‘Secret of the Sultan’ pampering package includes 

  • Relaxation in the Rhasul 
  • Oriental tea break 
  • Massage with the sisal glove
  • Soap foam massage
  • Oiling

Full body treatment

Pampering time: 120 min.

Price per person: 195,00 Euro


A massage with the 7 sacred oils of the pharaohs. The oils are strongly scented essences extracted from flowers and plants. The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt used them because they were said to have great healing powers, rejuvenate the body and develop special spiritual abilities. The oils are still produced today according to ancient Egyptian tradition.

Partial body treatment: Price per person: 104.00 euros, pampering time: 60 min.

Full body treatment: Price per person: 149.00 euros, pampering time: 90 min.

Pückler would have liked that too! 

The prince loved travelling: He travelled to the Orient, England, Italy and... oh, there were so many destinations. He brought a story, a recipe or a feeling of the wide world back to Bad Muskau from everywhere. With our individual treatments, we would like to show you how many wonderful experiences the world of wellness has in store for you. Would you like to join us on this journey?

Massage and bathing rituals for connoisseurs

Immerse yourself in the secrets of the Orient, Asia or the South Seas and relax like a true cosmopolitan.

Experience a bathing and beauty ceremony in our ‘Rhasul’ as if from 1001 nights. Feel your beautifully smooth and supple skin. In the oriental care ceremony, you sweat in the steam bath and cleanse your skin with a stimulating scrub of your choice: healing mud or healing chalk. Enjoy a pleasant tingling sensation on your skin and revitalise your skin and body. Increase your well-being and relax from the stresses of everyday life. Fruit and tea are served after the Rhasul.

Price: 64,00 Euro

Time: 30 min.


A fascinating combination of massage, energy and the beneficial effect of warm basalt stones, cold marble stones and gemstones. The massage of the body with stones and warm oil puts you in a unique state of deep relaxation, which has a harmonising and vitalising effect. Tensions in the deepest muscle layers are released and the mind is freed from the stress of everyday life.

Partial body treatment: Price per person: 100.00 euros, time: 60 min.

Full body treatment: Price per person: 145.00 euros, time: 90 min.

Permanent Contour®

You determine the desired therapeutic effect of this massage according to the 4-element theory: relaxing, balancing, nerve-strengthening or calming. With steamed herbal stamps and warm oils in the scents of fire, water, earth and air, blockages are released, new vitality is awakened and the production of happiness hormones is increased. A unique, personalised and intensive experience.

Partial body treatment: Price per person: 83.00 euros, time: 45 min.

Full body treatment: Price per person: 150.00 euros, time: 90 min.

Natural beauty from head to toe

Switch off from everyday life and let yourself be pampered and treated in a relaxed atmosphere. ‘Wellness for the face’ includes: Cleansing, peeling, serum, pack, facial massage.

Price per person: 98,00 Euro

Time: 60 min.


Whether work, hobby, sport or household - our hands are always involved. Thank them for it! ‘Wellness for the hands’ includes: Hand bath, scrub, manicure, massage, hand wrap.

Price per person: 98.00 euros

Time: 60 min.

Pamper your feet with a relaxing treatment. ‘Wellness for the feet’ includes: Foot bath, exfoliation, nail trimming, callus removal, foot massage 

Price per person: 98,00 Euro

Time: 60 min.

Experience the healing power of natural moor and thermal brine

Pückler not only brought a touch of the Orient to Bad Muskau. He also founded the spa industry in the park town. Today, our guests enjoy two natural remedies, the moor and the brine, which are extracted locally and used for beneficial therapies. They unfold their healing powers especially in combination.

The black gold: natural moor

The bathing peat for our applications is one of the most humic acid-rich bogs in the whole of Germany.

The mud - warm or cold depending on the symptoms - is applied to specific areas of skin, reaches deeper muscle tissue and provides relaxation.

Moor pack incl. after-rest

Price per person: 39.00 euros

Time: 30 min.

Classic massage as a complement

Complete the mud pack with a classic massage.

Moor pack and massage 

Price per person: 39,00 Euro

Time: 30 min.

Single massage

Price per person: 45,00 Euro

Time: 30 min.


A full peat bath is one of the most intensive peat treatments, in which the deep heat and humic acid of the peat have an effect on the whole body. The strong buoyancy of the moor relieves the joints and the muscles can relax. A full moor bath has a temperature of around 42 °C and lasts 15 minutes. This is followed by cleansing and a 30-minute rest. A medical certificate is required for a full moor bath.

Price per person: 55,00 Euro

Time: 50 min.

Experience the wonderfully relieving effect of the peat from the Bad Muskau primeval sea in our pamper package. The humic acids and minerals contained in the moor relieve back pain and revitalise. The ‘Moor Vital’ pampering package includes

  • a foot bath, optionally with peat or brine
  • a peat back pack
  • a relaxing back massage
  • a foot reflexology massage.

Price per person: 139.00 euros

Time: 105 min.

Naturally pure thermal brine

The brine from the Bad Muskau primeval sea has a salt content of around 8 per cent and is transported to the surface from Saxony's deepest brine well.

Enjoy a bath with pure natural brine from the Bad Muskau primeval sea. Such a bath is recommended for various skin diseases, venous disorders, gout, rheumatism and joint complaints, after operations, for gynaecological complaints and to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body. It is also effective against cellulite and leaves the skin soft.

Price per person: 42.00 euros

Time: 30 min.


The foot bath with brine from the Bad Muskauer Urmeer revitalises tired and stressed feet and gives them new strength.

Price per person: 20.00 euros

Time: 15 min.


Inhaling brine from the Bad Muskau primeval sea has a particularly positive effect on the respiratory tract and can improve general well-being

Price per person: 12.00 euros

Time: 10 min.

Soothing therapeutic treatments

Pure, white and allergy-free. A pack with original Rügen healing chalk warms, cleanses and nourishes

Price per person: 39.00 euros

Time: 30 min.


Tuina massage has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Finger tips, palms, palms and elbows are used to remove blockages and free you from the stress and strain of everyday life.

Price per person: 53.00 euros,
time: 30 min.

A gentle pressure point massage, similar to acupressure, applies pressure to certain points on the sole of the foot. This stimulates blood circulation, reduces stress and stimulates the body's self-healing powers.

Price per person: 65.00 euros, time: 45 min.

By the way

Beauty and well-being are not least favoured by a happy stomach. Why not round off your stay with a candlelit dinner? In the ‘Grüner Fürst’ restaurant, we take up the dining tradition of Prince Pückler and serve you a modern interpretation of the Prince's historically handed-down table books.

Our wellness team looks forward to pampering you soon. We recommend that you book your desired treatment as early as possible before your arrival. Due to increased demand, it is possible that various times may already be fully booked, especially at weekends. Please arrive in your bathrobe 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment. Unfortunately, we have to deduct delays from the treatment time. The treatment times stated in this brochure include the after-rest times. Please inform our staff of any pregnancies, allergies, medication, illnesses or special circumstances that you should be aware of before your treatment. In our oriental wellness area you will also find a sauna area with Finnish sauna, sanarium and steam bath. Hotel guests receive a wellness bag with bathrobe, towels and slippers for use at reception (free of charge). Gift vouchers are available on our website or at reception.

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